Smart healing, tools and practices to create phenomenal love that lasts.

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Love Attraction Tool Kit

A must have! This gives you 50 smart, innovative, fun, strategies, tools and teachings to support you in attracting and creating amazing love this year. (backed by cupids and proven science!)

The ultimate downloadable love tool kit that will support your mindset, give you steps, heal your heart, and help you get excited about meeting your future partner. Message Macy when you get it, and she will recommend a place to start! 

On Demand Classes

Giddy in Love

Receive 30 consecutive days of incremental love-attracting tips! Don’t worry, if you can’t make ALL 30 days, each call will be recorded and put into the membership area for you to access. You’re going to love it!

30 Days of Trusting You

What would it be like if you could let go of self-doubt for good and know exactly what to do? No more losing time waffling back and forth, worried you are going to get it wrong. How would that feel? When you can trust yourself, life is easier and way more FUN. These 30 days will give you teachings, tools, and healing so that you can trust yourself in love and life. Over 14 hours of training, valued at over $1000 for only $300. If this sounds good to you, come play! Warning, choosing this might change your life. All classes are recorded and get me done at your own pace.

21 Days of Getting Happier Though the Power of Anticipation

When we have something to look forward to, it immediately creates more well-being in our bodies and in our LIFE.  Focusing on a positive outcome, expecting things are working out, gives you the happiness advantage and MORE good comes from that!