Is it hard for you to receive?

whatever it is… money, support, attention, gifts


What IF you could receive MORE?

…WITHOUT feeling icky strings attached, GUILT, shame or like a BURDEN.


How would your LIFE change if YOU could do that?


If you want to INCREASE your capacity to receive, WELCOME to RECEIVE-A-PALOOZA!!!


7 daily servings to develop an exquisite palate for RECEIVING more & MORE than ever before.


So much of what we want and desire is RIGHT in front of us, but when we aren’t able to receive it becomes invisible?

Believe it or NOT, one of the most healing and empowering things we can do is to learn to RECEIVE.

Most of us value GIVING so much and struggle to RECEIVE—feeling unworthy, not wanting to be greedy, feeling like it’s too much or feeling bad because it seems like a burden.

When we CAN’T receive—it creates an imbalance in all areas of life, our relationships, work and health. And you were MEANT to be happy, vibrant and abundant! You deserve more! That’s what this class will allow for you.

If you want your hearts desires and prayers to be answered, you MUST be able to receive.


After these 7 days you will:

  • Have awareness, confidence and clarity to say YES to magic that you never saw before.
  • Break the cycle of guilt and suffering that makes it so hard to receive.
  • Feel empowered in your boundaries and stop feeling like doormat in life.
  • Have a deeper appreciation for giving, as you learn the balance of the prosperity cycle.
  • Be able to ASK for what you need without feeling like everything has strings attached.
  • Have more emotional stability as you learn to feel safe with life’s difficult emotions and challenges.

What if you could just LIVE with open arms in the abundance of life and allow the universe to shower you with love, magic, and miracles? 

And What if you KNEW that YOU being able to RECEIVE was not only healing for you, but also for everyone around you and the planet

I can tell you, It is.

If receiving has been hard for you, let’s play with it together. 

In these 7 days we will look at 7 important themes of receiving with 7 scientifically proven healing tools and practices including Group Regenerating Images in Memory or (RIM for short) that will change the way you see receiving in surprising ways—in your mind, body and spirit.

ONE single private Regenerating Images in Memory session is $300 and this whole experience is only $70! Weee, can you receive a bargain? I know I can! 

And guess what?!  Receiving is SOO freaking fun!  

Yay, I invite you to join me as we bask in 7 days of receiving! 


7 classes valued at $300 for only $70. Only 10 bucks each!

***Free for LoveMuffin Private Clients***

ALL classes are recorded, so you can watch and repeat at anytime or anywhere!