All you can eat love is here for you!

Scroll through to find coaching, healing sessions, products and gifts that will make your love story a reality.

Private & Group Coaching

The I AM SuperLOVED™ System gives you exactly what you need to attract the kind of love that is greater than you can imagine.

Being SuperLOVED™ is extra special. It’s extraordinary because it’s created from the most authentic place in you which means, you not only call in the person that makes you feel loved, but you feel profoundly understood. 

After working with me, you will  know what it’s like to live in full confidence where you can speak & be who you are, appreciating your true beauty, quirks & all,  making it inevitable for perfect love to show up.

Love Attraction Tool Kit

50 smart, innovative, fun strategies, tools and teachings to create your unicorn LOVE miracle this year. (backed by cupids and proven science!) 

The ultimate downloadable love tool kit that will support your mindset, give you steps, heal your heart, and help you get excited about meeting your future partner.

Healing Sessions / Intuitive Readings

Access Bars® Session

The Access Bars® is a treatment that involves touching 32 points on your head. This energy session releases anything that doesn’t allow you to receive more in your life. These points, called bars, contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime.

Benefits include greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity, increase in joy & happiness, release of anxious tendencies, and deeper relaxation.

To receive a session in Longmont, email to schedule your appointment.

Intuitive Love Readings

Questions about Love Dating and Relationships? Want intuitive insights? Rev. LunchLady presents the One and Only magic of “Dead Old Lady Secret Recipe Tarot!”

Let the cosmic Dead Old ladies bring you the exact wisdom you need to get on with your life and find real love. Readings may feel sweet like the kind of granny that makes you milk and cookies or it may be the “rip the bandaid off” ass kicker to set you straight. I never know who’s going to come through!!!

A Quickie with Rev LunchLady!

A Quickie with Rev LunchLady? (Yes that sounds kinky!)

This 15-minute session is for YOU to bring a question or whatever it is that’s putting a KINK in your dating life or love life.

In 15 minutes you will get the expert advice and honest feedback to help you get back on track!

On Demand Classes

You are a BEAUTIFUL Weirdo!

This class is NOT your typical dating class. I am not going to tell you how to be sexier, or more in your feminine or what you need to DO on a date to “GET the guy” (or gal).  Join me and exploding up everything you ever thought you needed to fix, change or let go of in order to have REAL love.. And if you are wondering if you are a weirdo, you are.  If you don’t think you are, you are.  If you wish you weren’t a weirdo, watch this and you will be SO glad you are. 

You’re going to love it!


Seven daily servings to develop an exquisite palate for RECEIVING more & MORE than ever before.

Online class to help you LIVE with open arms in the abundance of life and allow the universe to shower you with love, magic, and miracles.

Dating For Empaths

Masterclass for the smart single woman to learn to navigate the modern dating world the FUN & EASY way. Get the tools and strategies needed to DATE in a way that calls in REAL, lasting, committed unicorn LOVE. 

With the kind of person that GETS you and is a true partner in life– without having to sacrifice who YOU are or feel like YOU have to be someone you are NOT. 

Breakthrough to Love Meditation

This meditation is designed to help YOU cut through all the static that keeps you from having what you want. 

It includes a magical mantra that will move you from the darkness to the light and bring your energy into a whole new realm. 

Pre Date Pep Talk and Checklist

You are so magnificent!  And whether you believe that or NOT, you are. This pre-date pep-talk will ignite your LOVE vibe so that you can have FUN on your dates no matter who you are with.

The truth is DATING is meant to be FUN!  And when the nerves kick in and the fear takes us away from our magical glow—then we aren’t able to be SEEN for who you are. This pre-date pep talk & checklist helps you to BRING out your amazing YOU and have a GREAT DATE.


There’s nothing more healing than the musical sound of a snoring bulldog, especially if you don’t have to smell their farts.  They are grounded, peaceful, free of judgement and FULL of unconditional love.

What if you could be free of stress, fear, frustration in 5 minutes?  Imagine what your day would be like from there?  Ease? Peace? Inspiration? Trust?  It is possible!

This snore bath has potent medicine of over a 100 snores that will  lift your spirits, dissolve blocks, and likely make you laugh. It will change you for the better, if you let it. Woof.  P.S. Dog is God spelled backwards. So there’s that.  *mic drop*.  And P.S. 50% of the profits good to Animal Rescue Organizations!  Yay!