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My Unicorn Love Story Started With One Decision

It’s amazing to think that ONE moment, ONE person, ONE “click to open” was the beginning of my love story.

Since it’s changed everything in my life for the better. My job. My home. My town. My health. My awareness.

I know I am lucky to have the kind of relationship I have… Larry totally adores me for who I am,  “gets me” and makes my life so much easier.

People tell me all the time how CUTE we are and how LUCKY I am to have Larry in my life.  A funny, smart, creative jewish Doctor.  Jackpot! 

Truth is….it took THIRTY YEARS to find Larry.

Like many women of my generation, we were told we can be whatever we want to be.  We don’t NEED a man to have success in life.

For a long time, I was too embarrassed to admit I wanted a husband, because what really matters is building a career, money and having success in life.

I had everything I thought I needed, but one thing was missing—a LOVING partner in LIFE. 

 I wanted to share my life with someone.  I wanted to know someone had my back (so I didn’t have to put my MOM on my emergency contact anymore.


I thought finding love would just happen.  It DIDN’T.

Now my friends were having babies and getting married and I was all alone. 

So… I made a decision.

I gave up my self deprecating mean stories about becoming —-a spinster/best damn cat lady…better just settle into living life alone and deal with it. 

I took charge of my love life.

I asked the universe for what I wanted, and I shared with friends that I was calling in my special person, I was sharing my love story with life and the universe. And developed a deeper, more honest, relationship with myself.

I did it. I got off the emotional roller coaster and was really seeing love all around me.

Feeling connected to my future partner every day.

And then 3 months later, I met Larry.

It only takes one moment | Just one single moment | To start the love story…

Looking back at this from a Love Coaching perspective, here are the key dating tips I want to highlight:

1. I was clear on my vision and took the time to know my values in order to navigate the modern dating world. 

2. I made finding love IMPORTANT, made it a priority, gave it time, hired a coach, and brought my focus to it like I did buying a house or finding a new job.

3. For a first date, I liked to just do a simple coffee date that was during my work day so I had to limit the time. As an empath/HSP, it felt like a good energy saver/protector for me and it worked really well.

4. Dating fatigue can happen, and it will take you out of the game. (Larry was just about to cancel his plan and he did one last search and I popped up.)

5. IT ONLY TAKES ONE MOMENT that starts the whole love story. just one.

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