Dating For Empaths

No more feeling FRUSTRATED and DRAINED!




Masterclass for the smart single woman to learn to navigate the modern dating world the FUN & EASY way so you don’t give UP before you meet the ONE. 


Single women—Let me ask you this…

  • Is dating frustrating you or draining your energy so you don’t even what to bother with it?
  • Does all this ever make you think “Maybe this won’t happen for me?”
  • What would it be LIKE if you KNEW that you could feel FULLY CONFIDENT, TRUST yourself, FEEL worthy of the RELATIONSHIP that is in your HEART, AND genuinely have FUN DATING (even online!)? 
  • AND— What if YOU could be in your LIFE completely CERTAIN with SWEET anticipation that your person is out there and COMING soon and that YOU WILL recognize him when he shows up! (or her) 

If your hand popped up to say “YES, I want that!” then you’re gonna love this MasterClass I put together for you.

1.5 hours of training and content to create powerful, positive change. Bring a journal!

I will walk you step-by-step through some of the most important tips and strategies to skyrocket your love life as a sensitive, empathic woman.

I have worked with 100s of HIGHLY sensitive & empathic women, and I am one myself. So I KNOW how to navigate dating without burning out and instead ignite your love vibe so you attract the right ones for you.  

We will look at:

?The common dating mistakes.

?How to TRUST yourself dating.

?Powerful mindset secrets.

?Getting out of the “I am not good enoughs.”

?Breaking the People Pleasing patterns.

?Energy protection techniques. 


Get the tools and strategies needed to DATE in a way that calls in REAL, lasting, committed unicorn LOVE.  With the kind of person that GETS you and is a true partner in life– without having to sacrifice who YOU are or feel like YOU have to be someone you are NOT.  

Plus I’ll be talking about WHERE you can FIND QUALITY, COMMITTED partners and how I have helped several clients get engaged or married within a year.