Want to expedite your healing in your relationship space?  Are aware of blocks that you are sick of being with and want a change in your life? 

Ready to move BEYOND your current dating reality and have something BETTER?

Or are wanting to go DEEP into SELF LOVE so that you actually FEEL it, and it sticks?!! 

This option is for those who have done some personal development and would like the fastest path to allowing the beyond this reality, unicorn kind of LOVE to show up. 

You know where you are stuck and you are ready to move beyond it. 

You would like to have consistent support for 2 months. 

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 RIM/Coaching/Healing sessions
  • 1 Visions Session
  • 1 Dating Strategy Session/Online Profile Make-over
  • Profile edits/Photo consult
  • Email and text support and check ins.
  • 40 day prescriptive meditation practice