There’s nothing more healing than the musical sound of a snoring bulldog, especially if you don’t have to smell their farts.  They are grounded, peaceful, free of judgement and FULL of unconditional love. 

What if you could be free of stress, fear, frustration in 5 minutes?  Imagine what your day would be like from there?  Ease? Peace? Inspiration? Trust?  It is possible! 

This snore bath has potent medicine of over a 100 snores that will  lift your spirits, dissolve blocks, and likely make you laugh. It will change you for the better, if you let it. Woof.  

Testimonial Love for BiSNOREal Healing

“At first, I literally laughed out load (maybe even snorted a bit). Then it became almost hypnotizing. If you have ever been snuggled to a fur baby that’s in a deep sleep, just listening to the rhythm of this type of breathing, it feels like they are conveying with you, that they are so safe and all is at peace in the world. Very calming in a very strange way!”  – Sandra R

“If like many people your love of dogs means you’d rather hang with pups than people, this might be just the thing you’ve been waiting for to bring peace and balance to your life. The sound of a dog snoring is hysterically funny and peaceful all at once. Set to calming, zen background music i felt awash in a mosaic of calm. Laughter and even some tears as I released and let go the stress and tension in my body and replaced it with the light and balance of bisnoral healing. Thanks Macy for creating this fabulous new tool for selfcare.”  – Holly M

“Almost instantaneously, I felt better. I was in a bit of a funk at the time. It made me laugh and giggle. I felt more relaxed & like ‘myself’ again. – Jen R.

“Thank you so much for creating this unique and wonderful experience.  I am an Educational Therapist who works with children with various challenges and high needs, specifically in the affective domain.  When I introduced your Bi-Snoral Healing to a child with depression, it shifted his affect and mood to one that was not only much more joyful and positive but also had his mother laughing.  My husband, who struggles with PTSD, also mentioned that we should listen to this before bedtime!  Frankly, I just found it to be so hilarious and we all need to laugh more.  I look forward to purchasing more of the downloads to share with others and hopefully you can create more!  Farts included.” – Kat G.

“I did my evening meditation the other day and I listened to the BISNOREALS right after…It totally made me feel happy in my heart and at peace and the corners of my mouth were turned up! I think it is brilliant!! My friend and I were talking about finding what works to return you to “neutral” or your “still point” and I believe this tool would be very effective for many!” – Heidi P

$30 of your purchase goes to Breeder Release Adoptions Nonprofit Service that travels all over the country rescuing dogs who from breeders or otherwise from being abandoned, euthanized or killed. They do an amazing job. Mr. Buttery Waffle House who is one of the artists on the BiSNOREal track was 8 years old and ditched by a breeder, never having run in grass or cuddled on a couch, NOW has a family and a home full of love, toys, treats and playtime.  Thank you for your contribution to this amazing organization. 

“Very cute–worth a listen and will brighten your day! ”– Ginger D

“It totally made me feel happy in my heart and at peace and the corners of my mouth were turned up! I think it is brilliant!” – Heidi P

“OMG, hilariously brilliant, Macy strikes again! LOVE THIS!”

– Mariah