Yesterday I shared my first installment of the Before Laser Beam – B.L.B. love story.

Larry came into my office and said that’s NOT it….that’s not all of it.

Here’s what was happening for him:

“I was definitely getting burned out on the match dating and I had a week left in the subscription which I was planning on letting it expire.

I initially wasn’t interested in searching for women in Denver since I didn’t want to drive that distance for another failed 20-minute coffee date and then commuting for a relationship if I did find something.

But I went outside my box. I changed my belief about the distance.

And in the moment I was ready to cancel I changed my mind and expanded my search to Denver and you immediately came up.

The quirky, the creative, the out of the ordinary. That was what I was looking for and wasn’t finding in Boulder. There was an immediate sense of urgency to meet you. I knew is was special.”

❤️ Key Learning—-your beliefs may be keeping you from love!!! What is it that you are making true, that may not be true that in changing your point of view can bring more possibility‼️‼️

🌈 This is everything.

If you are not sure, this is a reason to get expert support to find out where you are blocking love, message me for help.

In the next installment – exactly eight years to the day I will share my HOW TO PICK the RIGHT ONE 5 STAR SYSTEM…

AND REAL LIVE ACTUAL EMAILS from the first days of dating Larry!