Are you scared you will lose your independence if you’re in a relationship?

Scared that you will have to give up your routines, not have the alone time you need, or feel like you LOSE yourself in love?

I get it.

I am bringing this up because I see this as a block with so many smart, single, spiritual & successful women I meet.

I had this fear too—I had a great life as a single, awesome career, adorable house, and great friends. I didn’t want to give up anything AND I wanted love… But in the past, I had LOST myself in relationship because I would jump in and stop doing the things that mattered—Slacking on my spiritual practice & not taking time to feed my soul, just to MAKE love work.


What I know now is that with the RIGHT guylife in love is easier.  And with the RIGHT guy you don’t lose anything , INSTEAD you GAIN everything.

I fell in love with my husband because being with him makes my life easier…he cheers me on, I am totally adored, he’s been a rock by my side and his presence is calming and loving.  We have gone through the ups and downs…and he’s always there to say “We’ve GOT this!”

I am a strong independent woman happy in love with a strong loving man.  

But when we settle into the WRONG relationships (I call this bargain brand love) it’s depleting & requires loads of emotional energy and work to keep up—and we feel alone in the relationship.

You’re over that.  Am I right?

But here’s the science of it—-if there is any part of you that is worried that you LOSE something by getting into a romantic relationship…your subconscious brain will KEEP you from having it!

So this means you will be pushing all guys away… even GOOD ones!

I am on a mission to help women break through the blocks, find the RIGHT guy, fall in love and FEEL the bliss that comes from sharing your life with YOUR special person.

You don’t have time to “fix” a man.
You don’t have time to settle into ‘bargain brand” love.
You don’t have to settle for being alone.

This is about creating the VIBE within you that makes it easy for your GREAT guy to find you.

The ONE who totally cherishes you and adores you for who you are right now!

Love Truth #1 Life in LOVE is easier.

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