Play with ME!

Big Happy LOVE gives you personalized one on one coaching and support to that you can create your love story! You will stop the cycle of unhealthy
relationships and experience a new paradigm of LOVE that starts with the relationship with yourself. When you have this it elevates all areas of your life—health, wealth, happiness, & wellbeing. At the end of this program you will be able to trust yourself, experience heart centered confidence and have the ability to access your inner wisdom & intuition so you know exactly how to navigate your life in the vibration that leads you to your special person. Apply for coaching here.

BE ADORED is a self study spiritual retreat for single women like you, who want to discover exactly what it takes to attract an incredible quality partner without feeling like a fake, selling your soul or denying your freaky awesome uniqueness! Purchase here.


A hope generating, possibility boosting 21 days of micro- LOVE adventures (less than 7 minutes a day) including meditations, creative explorations & spiritual sparkle to elevate your vibe. Purchas here.

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