My Love Story

Finding LOVE at 43 1/2

I became a first time bride at 43.  A miracle. I had never even been close, not even a failed engagement. And I actually wished I could have claimed that, at least that would have meant that in a fleeting moment someone saw the potential for me to be their wife.

There was NOTHING I didn’t try even as painful and embarrassing as the options were to me. I resorted to doing all the things I thought only desperate women would do…

I answered personal ads in the newspaper (the one I mustered up the courage to call asked me how tall I was, then hung up on me after I told him 5 foot 2).

I was a pioneer on the online dating sites (when you could meet EVERYONE on the site).

I read every self help book on the market.

I declared my single status with friends and family and was ready for a blind date in a seconds notice.   (except when my mom almost set me up with the grocery store bagger who was about 20 years younger than me!  NO!)

These strategies did help me find “love”…well at least close enough. He’s adorable but doesn’t have a job… or car, he’s hilarious but smokes a lot of pot, he’s handy but thinks yoga is a cult! The stars were not aligning.

Of course I was not Miss America either…I was drinking too much, working too much, shopping too much. Staying as busy as possible to avoid the heavy silence of loneliness.

So heartbreak after heartbreak I found myself alone.

I was losing hope that I would ever find the one I could grow old with, drag to family reunions, debrief a day at the office, make spaghetti with, plan spontaneous weekends at the hot springs, and be the +1 on holiday party RSVP cards….

As I got older it got harder. My friends were getting married and having babies. I was still single collecting chihuahuas.  It was like we were living in two totally different universes!

When I turned 25. I was still single. I thought, No problem I will definitely meet him before I am 30.

Then 30 came, still nothing, DEVASTATION hit, (lost several weekends crying on the couch eating Ben & Jerry’s chubby hubby-go figure).

Then I turned 40. Alone.

Guys I dated were now wary of me…

I was wary of the guys.

They must be the yucky moldy defects. The crusty, stale leftovers. The good ones were snatched up ages ago.

I felt hopeless, I was ready to give up. Clearly I am not good enough, and began to prepare for a spinster life.  I spent a lot of time talking myself into making single okay but deep down my heart truly wanted that special person to shower with love.

My friends were all married… some of their kids were already in high school! WHAT is wrong with me!?  I must be too weird?  I am scaring them away.  I have been single too long no one wants me!

After  years and years of dating, dead end relationships, tears, therapy, and disappointment., I made the decision that I was going to do whatever it takes to break this painful cycle.

It was EITHER reach out and get the support to create the change I wanted in my life, or go adopt 27 chihuahuas.  (I already had 3 so a pack of 30 sounded pretty fun).   So I committed to getting the support I needed, diving into my personal development, taking full responsibility for my experience and engage in proven meditation practices that did help be attract real love.
I discovered that finding love doesn’t have to be hard or painful and I was able to take action and BE in my life in a new way. And when I did a whole new caliber of guy showed up, and I finally met an adorable little jewish Chiropractor named Larry, (who I affectionately call my tea cup Jew) and we play, grow, laugh and support each other in a magical way.  LIFE in love is easier.

Soon after, I started sharing what I discovered as the magic formula and people were experiencing the same results!  Meeting amazing men and falling in love.  So that is why I quit my 6 figure corporate job and started The LOVE Advantage.

If you relate to my story and want to find your special person, this is the solution… I have helps 100’s of women find soulmate LOVE through my signature coaching programs  and I can help you too.


Macy has discovered the sweet spot of attracting LOVE, leveraging a combination of her leadership corporate change management expertise, creative exploration, Intuitive/Energy Healing, Kundalini yoga/meditation and other radical proven technologies for transformation. BIG Happy LOVE is a powerful and FUN path to help women experience positive change in their lives and has been working with these tools for over 10 years          720.373.6506.