The Wisdom of Loneliness

If you have felt consumed by loneliness, wonder if love will ever find you, or think that everyone else has someone except for you… then please keep reading.

What is the difference between being alone & loneliness?

In spiritual teachings the word ALONE can also be read as ALL- ONE.

Because we are ENERGY we are all connected.

I love that re-frame and yet…

It is easy to forget our divine nature—our “Sat Nam” as we say in Kundalini Yoga.

I still forget it sometimes.

I have felt so lonely at times I was depressed.

It wasn’t until I started “investigating” my loneliness that I could see there is wisdom in it.

In fact, after ranting to a therapist about how sad I was that I didn’t have a partner in life, she reminded me, “You come into the world alone, and you leave this world alone.”

I couldn’t deny that.

I think it can be easy to mislabel and confuse—being alone with LONELINESS.

Smart, single women come to me having so much judgement around what it means to “do things alone” that they have amplified the pain.

Thinking that—

If I am home alone on a Friday night.

If I spend a night on the couch watching netflix or

If i choose to spend a holiday by myself…

Then —->I must be a loser, no one loves me, no one cares about me.

I remember Christmas day one year, I didn’t have plans.

I was anxious about spending the day alone but decided to plan to cook & do something crafty.  Crafty is my sport.

Before I knew it I was happy clipping, chanting, & gluing by the fire.  I was happy & forgot about my loneliness for a few hours.

Then mid-day I got an invite to a dinner from a guy who I only had gone on a couple dates with…

I wasn’t that into it BUT…

I remember feeling like I really SHOULD go, it’s a holiday after all, so I said “Yes”.

I stopped my afternoon crafting by the cozy fire, got dressed up in holiday duds and forced myself out of the house.

I was miserable. Silently crying as I tried to politely choke down the can of mushroom soup bean casserole. <okay, don’t get in a tiz because I don’t like your Auntie Lucy’s prize dish>

I couldn’t wait to get out of there NOT because the casserole made me gag, but because I wanted to get back to myself.

I was really mad at myself for denying permission to hang out with ME. 

actually wanted to be alone. 

Loneliness on the other hand HAS a mission for you—

And it is NOT going away when you find a guy. 

Some of the MOST lonely people I have met are in a relationship.

And when you are with the WRONG person, it is the worst kind of loneliness.

Loneliness comes with a pain that is begging you for her attention….Here’s what you need to know about the wisdom of loneliness.

Watch this. 

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If you are ready to create a real committed, meaningful relationship—-and want to have the support, healing & strategy to create it.  Apply here, and I will reach out to you to discuss this with you further.

Think you are too WEIRD for love?

Do you secretly think you are too weird for love?

I am the odd ball. The weirdo. The freak in most circles. And you don’t even have to be a crazy eccentric to feel left out! Can you relate?

  • My grad degree is weird (A master’s in puppetry).
  • My home decor is really weird (paint by number kittens & a crocheted ham sandwich)
  • My yoga practice is weird (kundalini/kinda-looney yoga),
  • My paintings are weird (I did a whole art show of acrylic jello salads & a self portrait of me doing a funny face)
  • My silverware is weird (I don’t like any to match)
  • My fashion taste is weird (disco librarian chic casual)
  • My pets are weird (The cable man told me that)…

Clearly, I was too weird for love.

Until I was 40, I was convinced that finding a partner who would “GET” me would be impossible. In an effort to find a good husband, I hid my quirks and pretended to be normal.

I dated lots of normal men. Kind. Successful. Loving. Khaki wearing. None of them were my guy. I discovered that pretending to be “normal’ meant feeling more LONELY in a relationship than when I was single.

Maybe you remember this poem by Shel Silverstein about masks:

This was a wake up call. I thought, either I am going to quit on love and adopt 15 chihuahuas or finally figure It out.

So I committed to making finding love a priority.

I took the steps to do the personal development I needed to have the courage to embrace, accept, and REVEAL the full freaky, weird loving me. If I can’t accept the real me, then how can I expect anyone else to?

I accessed my own unique LOVE advantage…(free from yucky dating tricks or slimy moves.)

Once I did that, it happened. I found my super creative, loving Laser beam Larry. He paints his toe nails baby blue & makes art out of toy army men.

I finally met my perfectly weird, wonderful, big, happy love and I can help you find yours, too.

Because if we’re not going to be vulnerable and put our real selves out there…what’s the point? 

No matter what you think is IMPOSSIBLE in your love life… you are equipped with your own unique secret sauce to attract the RIGHT person for you.

I will be offering a new class, Find Your Unicorn and Fall in Love, for the creative, smart single women who hate stupid dating rules & want an innovative, smart plan that works.

This is for you if…

  • You have succeeded in most areas of your life and haven’t had much luck in love.
  • You haven’t attracted people you like or you haven’t dated in a long time.
  • You long to feel totally understood just as you are.
  • You KNOW you’re not the average, ‘normal’ mainstream woman, even if you play one in your cubicle.
  • You feel different and struggle believing there is a match for you.
  • You have felt like you have to hide parts of you to be loved.
  • You fear that who you are is too much & will scare ’em away.
  • You are convinced that most people won’t understand you fully.

This class offers a playful way to:

  • Access your unique LOVE advantage
  • Believe that love is possible for you
  • Have fun dating in a way that feels good to you, and
  • Meet people who GET YOU

So you can find your great guy.

No hiding. No masks. Let’s find your blue together.

Join me on May 13th at 10 AM MST for the Find Your Unicorn and Fall in Love webinar. There are limited spots and no replay, so mark your calendar and sign up now!

Waiting for an ImMANculate conception?

What’s your feeling about online dating?
Most people I talk to say, “Yuck.” They don’t like it.

Gotta be honest:  If you don’t like it, and want to meet more awesome singles.  It is a huge loss NOT using an online tool.

But don’t freak out yet…

I want to give you some tips…so you can see online dating in a new way.  (btw, I don’t work for online dating sites…I am just giving you what I know works.)  
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How to Attract the ONE in 2017 — starting right NOW.

How to Attract the ONE in 2017 --- starting right NOW.

Were you single last year at this time?

I am NOT trying to rub it in. But be honest, do you want to go another year staying single?
“Doing” life alone is tiring, lonely and emotionally taxing.
And falling into the wrong relationship is WORSE than BEING alone.
I don’t WANT either of those for you. YOU deserve way better.
This week for LOVE VIBE TV I created a specific video training to help you FIND real meaningful LOVE THIS YEAR so you can GET started RIGHT now.

We are entering a powerful time of year for setting intentions & making CHANGE in your life (BUT you MUST know EXACTLY how to do it—You can’t just wish for love and go, THAT won’t work).
I AM DETERMINED and fired up to SUPPORT you in bigger ways right now… over the holidays, through the new year and all the way until Valentines day. The magic window for LOVE manifestation.
Frankly though… this is a deeply EMOTIONAL time of year for singles—->
I know you might feel lonely during this time.
I know you might get depressed.
I know you might feel left out.
I know you might feel like goals weren’t met from last year…
And I have felt all of that too.
Please know that I am prepared and READY to support you EXTRA BIG right now.
Don’t skip this training video.

This is designed specifically to START the MOMENTUM for healing and opening up to LOVE in 2017. (no sales pitch just teaching)

NOTE—This is not a 3 minute blip. Not a quickie, watch on the fly video…

It is an 18 minute training…

Don’t skip this because it is too long. Or you don’t have time. Or you will do it later.

NO, no, no, NO, NO!

ALL those lame-o excuses and ARE EXACTLY what continues to keep you from making the critical shifts needed and necessary to find love.

Seriously, make a choice right now to SHOW up for LOVE and engage fully & completely in this video —–Like you would if you were on a date with a smoking hot guy—make eye contact, listen, put away distractions and gaze into my big brown eyes. Just don’t undress me with your eyes…that is creepy.

Watch the whole thing.

Listen sister! —Your future partner is COUNTING on you to do the personal development it takes so that HE can find you. If it takes watching a 18 minute video—isn’t that worth it? YES.
In this video, I am giving you MY FAVORITE LOVE Attraction tip.

This technique I usually just save for my elite private clients but I am giving it to everyone right now.

In a couple days you will get the next video that will share the next IMPORTANT tip on what you can do to create love in 2017. 🙂


P.S. Imagine next year at this time being massively in love…listen to this story… I started working with a client last Feb who said her DREAM was to have her sweetie by her side at her annual Holiday party….Last night that dream came true. Her darling guy, was her loving date for this special moment…showing him off to her friends, hosting this amazing party together. YES!!!!! CUTEST EVER. She is totally adored. Awesome right? This could be YOU. Get started now by watching this video. Watch now.

ALERT: If you are struggling right now, feeling sad, stuck, lonely or just crappy. The most important thing you can do is reach out for support—if you are hurting don’t suffer in silence reply to this email to find out how to receive love, support and connection right now.

3:20 | What is the BE ADORED relationship?

9:30 | Your past experiences DO NOT have to be your future

9:47 | Mental Exercise

15:24 | I’ve got this covered


Macy and Larry: Fear of Staying SINGLE

Macy and Larry: Fear of Staying SINGLE

Macy and Larry at Ojo:

Managing FEAR – Tonglen Meditation

Join Me for my FREE masterclass: Attract the one who adores you

Register here: Attract the ONE who ADORES you

3:05 | Creativity is Source; the Devine

8:28 | Be with the ONE you can totally RELY on

10:24 | Attract the ONE who ADORES YOU masterclass

14:15 | Meditation Introduction

14:50 | Tonglen Meditation: Taking and Giving

Heidi Found Love

Heidi Found Love

Interview with Heidi about her personal journey to finding a loving partner.

10:24 | What did you add to your life that made you like your life more?

23:20 | Responsibility and willingness to do the work to get the results.

31:40 | Love Coaching helps to develop and support the relationship

Release FEAR: Kundalini Yoga Meditation for a CALM Heart

Release FEAR: Kundalini Yoga Meditation for a CALM Heart

If you are feeling a lot of fear in life, with the world or in relationships, try this meditation.

Comments about this meditation from Yogi Bhajan:
Emotionally this mediation adds clear perception to your relationships with yourself and others. If you are upset at work or in a personal relationship, sit in this mediation for 3-15 minutes before deciding how to act. Then act with your full heart. Physically, this meditation strengthens the lungs and heart.

6:11 | Meditiation Instruction

8:00 | Breath Work

9:58 | Meditation

5 Tips to MAKE your ONLINE dating PROFILE Enchanting

5 Tips to MAKE your ONLINE dating PROFILE Enchanting

Online dating is a GREAT way to connect with other singles, AND it can be frustrating if you are not attracting the guys you are excited about meeting. Watch this to get 5 tips on how to make finding love a reality using online dating tools like, or eHarmony or any of the other apps, sites that are designed to help you meet other singles.

1:38 | A good profile amplifies YOUR love attraction

4:41 | Your words should PAINT a picture of YOU and HOW you are in your life

5 Tips on How to STOP People PLEASING

5 Tips on How to STOP People PLEASING

People pleasing is keeping you from the hunkY loving man of your dreams. When you keep the habit of people pleasing you are ignoring yourself and denying yourself what you really want and grasping for approval from others, staying in fear of not being accepted. When you are people pleasing you true self is hidden, and your special person can’t even find you. Watch this so you can break this habit and free yourself from a lifetime of boring relationships.

1:22 | You cant make everyone happy

7:02 | You cant fail at being you – Trust Your Self

My Goddess Swears

I grew up as a tom boy. Never really thought about my ‘Goddess self’ much before this year when one of my mentors inspired me to consciously explore what it means to me.

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Claiming “GODDESS” sounded untouchable frankly.
This week I was in the Sacred land of Sedona working on my business, and I FOUND MY GODDESS.

I realize NOW that the Goddess is ALL of it—-> it is our unique LOVE Genius. It is the LOVE advantage. 

Because it is not just the beauty and the sweet treasures of who we are, it INCLUDES the crusty often rejected side.

We can’t come into a meaningful loving relationship if we are hiding from ourselves in any way.

If you want to attract someone who adores ALL of you, you must be able to recognize, accept and adore all of YOU first…

EVEN the parts that are HARD to love.

This week I spent in the sacred land of Sedona working on my business, and I FOUND MY own GODDESS.

I am celebrating ALL of me…

ALL my OWN extremes, polarities, weirdness…

My impatience and judgements,

My shame for being bitchy to Larry,

My success as a teacher and coach,

My LOVE for service and giving back,

My laziness,

My BIG exciting dreams,

my snarkiness, my ugly feet,

My crazy kitschy crafts, and my disco lunch lady style.

I AM the meditative yogi and I AM a lover of glittery eye shadow and tutus.

I like hot dogs AND I like Kombucha and Spirulina.

I CRAVE trashy Reality TV, and I CRAVE veraciously read inspirational books.

It feels so RIGHT to chant sacred mantra and it feels so RIGHT to drop an F-bomb for personal pleasure and emphasis.

I am EMBRACING it ALL in my f*cking goddess.