When DATING is hard, Do THIS!

When DATING is hard, Do THIS!

Dating is hard… online dating, getting stood up, men not matching their pictures, or just not having any chemistry.

Here are a few tips that will help you have new inspiration around dating so that you can have fun dating. When you can have fun dating you can meet more people —leading to finding your guy faster!

Founder of the LOVE ADVANTAGE. premiere love coaching programs, LOVE VIBE TV and author of the upcoming book “Be Adored Now- the MANUAL to MANIFEST your MAN” and “Crafty LOVE” – the playful path to soulmate love.

A first time bride at 43 with over 25 years collecting failed relationships, devastating heart breaks, & dateless holiday parties before she finally found the formula which broke the painful cycle! Now she devotes her life to helping other women stop the madness and draw in a meaningful and blissful relationship. She brings her clients a magical combination of transformational change methodology, intuitive guidance, yoga & creative exploration to help women who struggle to find love get there. She has been using these tools for over 25 years and found a powerful yet FUN way for women to attract extraordinary LOVE in their lives.

If you want expert support to finally attract your divine match. I am happy to help. Reach out to me to discuss. Macy@theloveadvantage.com

2:01 | Treating dating like a Business.

4:07 | A DIFFERENT way of approaching a date.

8:00 | Create space that it comfortable for you

When your FAMILY is Triggering YOU — Do THIS!

When your Family is Triggering You -- Do This

Emotional freedom technique

Emotional freedom Technique for when you are triggered by your family. No matter how much spiritual work we do, we can still fall back into old patterns. This video offers a chance to release the unpleasant emotions and experience deeper self-love and forgiveness.

Macy – Big Happy LOVE Coach:
Founder of the LOVE ADVANTAGE premiere love coaching programs and LOVE VIBE TV. A first time bride at 43 with over 25 years collecting failed relationships, devastating heart breaks, & dateless holiday parties before she finally found the formula which broke the painful cycle! Now she devotes her life to helping other women stop the madness and draw in a meaningful and blissful relationship. She brings her clients a magical combination of transformational change methodology, intuitive guidance, yoga & creative exploration to help women who struggle to find love get there. She has been using these tools for over 15 years and found a powerful yet FUN way for women to attract extraordinary LOVE in their lives.

If you want to one on one Private LOVE coaching so you can attract the one that adores everything about you! The Love Advantage programs are designed to help you heal what keeps you from love, ignite your love vibe and fall in love with your life so finding your special person is inevitable. Set up a time to connect by submitting an application here. https://form.jotform.com/60946119242152

About Big Happy Love
Big Happy Love offers a radical, new approach to happiness by clearing the way for women over 40 to find and keep the love they want. Founded by Macy Matarazzo in 2014, her signature Big Happy Love program weaves creativity, play and heart-healing together to form a beautiful new tapestry of joy and success in relationships and life. Big Happy Love blends Macy’s 20-year background in smart, detail-oriented corporate leadership, the science of how people change and her deep knowledge of meditation and yoga practices to build a platform of concrete, actionable steps meant to unleash each woman’s inner wisdom when looking for a blissful and meaningful life partnership.

0:58 | EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

5:08 | I wonder if there is another way

8:23 | I am open to receiving more love

What if FALLING in LOVE was the MOST important thing you could do?

Warning…I am WOUND up and frustrated.

But hear me out, and please read until the end.

What if finding the LOVE of your LIFE was the key to world peace?

What if you staying SINGLE because you are heartbroken, feel STUCK in fear or don’t know what to do —is actually contributing to the global suffering?

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Check out this CRAZY mind blowing study called the 100th Monkey,

Scientists observed a group of Monkeys living on an island.

They were not eating sweet potatoes washed up on the shore…

Because they were covered in sand.

One day ONE monkey took a potato and washed it off in clean water then gobbled it up.

Clearly SHE enjoyed every bite.

The younger monkeys saw and followed suit.

This meant, lots of happy, nourished monkeys swinging all over the island. Weee!

The MAGIC of this story is that…

There was a paradigm shift with these monkeys that vibrated to other monkeys on far reaching islands…

AND all of a sudden, all ISLAND monkeys started eating the washed up potatoes too.

Point is, we are all connected. 

And this proves our LOVE vibe is powerful and can reach across lands!   

So if you CHOOSE to stay miserable and suffer in love, it NOT only sucks…

YOU are depriving yourself the most sacred thing—intimate, soulful connection

and ADDING to the pain on the planet.
FOR me this was a wake up call, to recognize that I wasn’t doing ANYONE any favors by holding on to my drama.


Because not only does it FEEL better to BE in my bliss but I KNOW it serves the global LOVE consciousness. 

I get really ANNOYED when I see smart women believing that it is OKAY to stay dissatisfied in their love life. 

It is NOT okay.    

It is a decision.

You don’t have to CHOOSE misery, loneliness, fear or mediocre love.

Even if you don’t believe it right now—You are worthy of love & you DO deserve it.

When I woke up to this new LOVE paradigm,

I was PISSED that I wasted so much time BATTLING with my own heart,

feeling unlovable, and feeling like self love is selfish.

Not listening,

addicted to fear, and ignoring my real needs for a meaningful relationship.

And now helping women break this cycle of despair and find soulful partnership is my mission in life.

I have the solution.

I developed The LOVE Advantage Private coaching program—>

A proven practice for smart single women to…

—Get the personal development that will move you OUT of FEAR.

—-Heal your old heart wounds and insecurities.

—Feel like you are LOVABLE in your unique, awesome weirdness.

—Stop feeling like you don’t belong.

—-Free you from the isolation, suffocation, of feeling alone.

—Stop feeling like you are wasting time with the wrong people.

So that you can attract meaningful, LOVING, passionate companionship, live in your purpose, elevate ALL areas of life, and contribute to the global love consciousness.   

This is NOT a frivolous LUXURY—- like a designer purse.

This is not something to leave to luck.

Or to hold off until… the kids are grown, get a new job, have more money.

The time is now…to do this for you.

Love is all that matters.

What are you willing to do? Are you ready to OWN your love life, experience massive PASSION in your life and create a ripple effect of HEALING on the planet?

I have just 3 openings to take on Private clients in my VIP Love Advantage program right now.

If you are serious about taking this next step I have the solution for you. Click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Big Happy LOVE to you,

P.S. Doing what it takes to fulfill your desire to have a sacred loving person as your soulful companion is the MOST important thing you can do for yourself and the world.
Click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Cherish the FIRST Dates

I memorized my first dates with my beloved Larry.

I believe the first dates with your future sweetie become the some of the most precious memories.

Reflecting back on the FIRSTS…first kiss, first call, first cuddle, first home visit.

Each one is so sacred it gives me chills.

It is a feeling that can not be recreated later on in the relationship…the shyness, wonder, uncertainty, butterflies, MYSTERY.

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When my Love Advantage Private Clients start the dating process, I make sure to remind to pay attention to all the charming details!

Because  without preparation, we can go into dates insecure, looking for faults, closed off, anticipating failure…

or we can stay open and receive all the SWEETNESS.

The FIRST TIME Larry (now husband) came to my house…

He noticed my silly funny face self portrait I painted.

During that night, he sneaked away and took a picture of it.

Over the next couple weeks he painted his own funny face self portrait.

Cute overload, right?

He KNEW that some day these would hang together.

And they do.  As goofy bedroom decor.

I CHERISH this memory.

Top of the list of romantic goodness.

It affirms how much Larry TOTALLY gets me.

This was the most HEART warming, silly loving gift I could have ever received.

THIS is the kind of MAGIC that happens in soulful love.

This is what happens when you have the love advantage and are aligned with YOUR true essence.

This memory reminds me of how DIFFERENT dating was for me after I did The LOVE Advantage practice.

A whole new caliber of guy.

A new love attraction paradigm.

My Private Coaching clients meet amazing partners because they have made becoming relationship ready a priority.

They Invested in themselves to get an accelerated path to love.

They STOPPED saying…I will just figure it out, wait and see, do it later.

They had the courage to say YES to themselves.

Doing something different!

The Love Advantage Formula works.

One Love Advantage Graduate shared with me:

“I knew that I had to do something different because what I was doing wasn’t working.  I am so grateful I found Macy and The Love Advantage, Now I am with my “one”.  He is perfect for me and loves me, we just KNOW we are meant to be.  In fact my goal with this program was to fall in love before my 40th birthday, and ON my 40th birthday he said, I love you.” 

If you are READY to stop trying to figure it out...(which can cost you years of your life staying lonely and frustrated.)

Ready to invest in the coaching and support needed and necessary to accelerate your journey to LOVE…I can have 2 openings in my private coaching program ready to fill.

I am opening up spots on my calendar for those who are ready to take this next step, find out what is keeping you from LOVE and see if The Love Advantage is your next step.  Sign up here for your GETTING to LOVE session. 

Everyone deserves LOVE.
Big Happy LOVE to you,

P.S. I spent most of my life thinking what I wanted wasn’t out there.  I was wrong.  But it took learning how to believe, commit, trust, heal and grow to get there.  You can too.

Best Day of My Life

Today is April 20th. THE day that marks… the BEST DAY of my life. 

The day I got my first match.com message from my beloved, Larry.

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My heart leaped as soon as I saw his profile.

I will never forget it.

His message opened with “You had me at soup”

YES! I make good soup!

I instantly rated him a 5 star candidate. And I was RIGHT.

What I knew in my soul was, I CREATED this…

I attracted WHAT I was BEING…I was clear and confident in my LOVE GENIUS and it worked!

I knew he showed up because I was consciously playing into LOVE, VALUING myself, investing in my DREAM, PRIORITIZING my love life…

In this new way of being —-I was calling in a NEW CALIBER of GUY…it felt inspiring, and I lived in sweet anticipation that my guy was on his way.
After decades of bargain brand relationships I finally ALIGNED with the EXACT kind of LOVE I always wanted…

I BROKE THE CYCLE of attracting men who didn’t GET me.

STOPPED the madness of settling for men who weren’t emotionally available to me.

LET GO of thinking there was something WRONG with me.

DISCOVERED how to heal my heart from past failed relationships…

Awaken my radiant LOVE GENIUS and was wholeheartedly  IN IT.

As a RESULT—I created a relationship like NO other... I found my Big Happy LOVE!

LARRY was the PROOF that the LOVE ATTRACTING practices I teach really WORK…

And SINCE then I have dedicated my life to share these teachings.

My proven process has worked OVER and OVER with other women… healing hearts…leading to Marriages and lifelong love.

3 months after that first message, Larry and I were engaged… and have been married for 5 years. I am BLESSED!

With the RIGHT person, life is EXPONENTIALLY more abundant in every way…

Big Happy LOVE is the kind of love where you feel mutually uplifted.

With Larry, I can TOTALLY be my FREAKY, creative, SILLY, weird self… no apologies or hiding!

Dating was effortless… NO GAMES.

We share conscious honest communication and SUPER fun play.

I learned that I couldn’t do it wrong if I am just being me.


I learned to trust myself.

We live our life in love.  We love our animals, We LOVE modern ART.

We love VINTAGE clothes & doing yoga.

We love doing YOGA in vintage clothes, hee hee- not really (See Macy and Larry in downward dog wearing matching denim leisure suits).

EVERY ONE deserves LOVE… it is part of our HUMAN condition…to connect.

A longing to belong.

A sacred experience of being seen by another.

LOVE & Happiness are our birthright. If you heart is calling for PARTNERSHIP…
it means NOW is the time to take action for yourself.

BUT what do you do?

We aren’t TAUGHT how to do this…and you don’t have to struggle to figure it out on your own.

Leaving your love life to default is CRAZY… it doesn’t work just brings more losers and wastes your precious time.

I have already helped 100s of women find TRUE love.  You can have this too.

If you are TIRED of living life alone and serious about BREAKING through your blocks so you can receive TRUE soul mate love.

Act Now.

I am currently applications for only 2 spots in my LOVE ADVANTAGE Private One on One coaching program.

Big Happy LOVE to you,