You Don’t Have to Lose Yourself in Love

Are you scared you will lose your independence if you’re in a relationship?

Scared that you will have to give up your routines, not have the alone time you need, or feel like you LOSE yourself in love?

I get it.

I am bringing this up because I see this as a block with so many smart, single, spiritual & successful women I meet.

I had this fear too—I had a great life as a single, awesome career, adorable house, and great friends. I didn’t want to give up anything AND I wanted love… But in the past, I had LOST myself in relationship because I would jump in and stop doing the things that mattered—Slacking on my spiritual practice & not taking time to feed my soul, just to MAKE love work.


What I know now is that with the RIGHT guylife in love is easier.  And with the RIGHT guy you don’t lose anything , INSTEAD you GAIN everything.

I fell in love with my husband because being with him makes my life easier…he cheers me on, I am totally adored, he’s been a rock by my side and his presence is calming and loving.  We have gone through the ups and downs…and he’s always there to say “We’ve GOT this!”

I am a strong independent woman happy in love with a strong loving man.  

But when we settle into the WRONG relationships (I call this bargain brand love) it’s depleting & requires loads of emotional energy and work to keep up—and we feel alone in the relationship.

You’re over that.  Am I right?

But here’s the science of it—-if there is any part of you that is worried that you LOSE something by getting into a romantic relationship…your subconscious brain will KEEP you from having it!

So this means you will be pushing all guys away… even GOOD ones!

I am on a mission to help women break through the blocks, find the RIGHT guy, fall in love and FEEL the bliss that comes from sharing your life with YOUR special person.

You don’t have time to “fix” a man.
You don’t have time to settle into ‘bargain brand” love.
You don’t have to settle for being alone.

This is about creating the VIBE within you that makes it easy for your GREAT guy to find you.

The ONE who totally cherishes you and adores you for who you are right now!

Love Truth #1 Life in LOVE is easier.

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This is time to sit down one on one and look at what you want in love & creating a plan of action, so you can attract the RIGHT guy and be happy in love.

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Cat Lady Love Coach Confessions

I am not ashamed to admit I am a cat lady.

Yesterday, I got to live it for a couple hours hanging out with Larry and 17 cats in the Denver Cat Company coffee shop. So fun

Sitting there with a kitten on my lap, I flashed back to my single days right before my 40th birthday when I was feeling hopeless and like I would never find anyone.

I love animals, and at that time I had 2 chihuahuas and 2 cats. (Keep in mind 1 chihuahua = 14 cats. Do the math!) I would always say my chihuahuas were like “Dude repellent” because “men hate small dogs,” but truth be told I thought I was unlovable most of the time.

I thought I was too old. I thought I was too weird. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough.

When I finally turned 40 I thought, “I better start making being single okay.” My plan was to quit dating and adopt baskets of kittens and teams of chihuahuas and just buckle down to live a life alone.

Playing with kittens sounded fun. But my heart broke thinking of giving up because I so badly wanted to share my life with someone.

So that’s when I decided to do whatever it takes to figure out my relationship stuff so I could have the kind of relationship I was dreaming of.

I figured it out and what I learned has worked for so many other women who thought about giving up but are now happy in love, engaged or married—pinching themselves with excitement.

My mission is to bring more love into the world—- to help other smart, single women find love like they never thought could exist.

If you’re about to adopt 16 cats and delete all your online dating profiles, let’s have a chat about how love coaching can bring a quality guy/cat lover into your life. Click here to schedule!


What if FALLING in LOVE was the MOST important thing you could do?

Warning…I am WOUND up and frustrated.

But hear me out, and please read until the end.

What if finding the LOVE of your LIFE was the key to world peace?

What if you staying SINGLE because you are heartbroken, feel STUCK in fear or don’t know what to do —is actually contributing to the global suffering?

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Check out this CRAZY mind blowing study called the 100th Monkey,

Scientists observed a group of Monkeys living on an island.

They were not eating sweet potatoes washed up on the shore…

Because they were covered in sand.

One day ONE monkey took a potato and washed it off in clean water then gobbled it up.

Clearly SHE enjoyed every bite.

The younger monkeys saw and followed suit.

This meant, lots of happy, nourished monkeys swinging all over the island. Weee!

The MAGIC of this story is that…

There was a paradigm shift with these monkeys that vibrated to other monkeys on far reaching islands…

AND all of a sudden, all ISLAND monkeys started eating the washed up potatoes too.

Point is, we are all connected. 

And this proves our LOVE vibe is powerful and can reach across lands!   

So if you CHOOSE to stay miserable and suffer in love, it NOT only sucks…

YOU are depriving yourself the most sacred thing—intimate, soulful connection

and ADDING to the pain on the planet.
FOR me this was a wake up call, to recognize that I wasn’t doing ANYONE any favors by holding on to my drama.


Because not only does it FEEL better to BE in my bliss but I KNOW it serves the global LOVE consciousness. 

I get really ANNOYED when I see smart women believing that it is OKAY to stay dissatisfied in their love life. 

It is NOT okay.    

It is a decision.

You don’t have to CHOOSE misery, loneliness, fear or mediocre love.

Even if you don’t believe it right now—You are worthy of love & you DO deserve it.

When I woke up to this new LOVE paradigm,

I was PISSED that I wasted so much time BATTLING with my own heart,

feeling unlovable, and feeling like self love is selfish.

Not listening,

addicted to fear, and ignoring my real needs for a meaningful relationship.

And now helping women break this cycle of despair and find soulful partnership is my mission in life.

I have the solution.

I developed The LOVE Advantage Private coaching program—>

A proven practice for smart single women to…

—Get the personal development that will move you OUT of FEAR.

—-Heal your old heart wounds and insecurities.

—Feel like you are LOVABLE in your unique, awesome weirdness.

—Stop feeling like you don’t belong.

—-Free you from the isolation, suffocation, of feeling alone.

—Stop feeling like you are wasting time with the wrong people.

So that you can attract meaningful, LOVING, passionate companionship, live in your purpose, elevate ALL areas of life, and contribute to the global love consciousness.   

This is NOT a frivolous LUXURY—- like a designer purse.

This is not something to leave to luck.

Or to hold off until… the kids are grown, get a new job, have more money.

The time is now…to do this for you.

Love is all that matters.

What are you willing to do? Are you ready to OWN your love life, experience massive PASSION in your life and create a ripple effect of HEALING on the planet?

I have just 3 openings to take on Private clients in my VIP Love Advantage program right now.

If you are serious about taking this next step I have the solution for you. Click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Big Happy LOVE to you,

P.S. Doing what it takes to fulfill your desire to have a sacred loving person as your soulful companion is the MOST important thing you can do for yourself and the world.
Click here to schedule a time to discuss.

LOVE VIBE TV: The Serious Truth about Finding LOVE

Welcome to LOVE VIBE TV and episode one: The Serious TRUTH about FINDING Love! Get weekly episodes sent to your mailbox! SIGN ME up!


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Over the next couple weeks I will be sharing 5 ways we PUSH away love.

When you know this.

You can change it.

And then, like magic, YOU razzle dazzle ATTRACT love.

The FIRST teaching is nothing to laugh about.

Find out in this first episode…

When you let go of all this serious grumpy stuff…

YOU can find the AMUSEMENT in life.

Choose humor.

Choose kindness.

Choose LOVE.

ALL more LOVE will EFFORTLESSLY come to YOU.



P.S. Are you ready to create the LOVE life your heart desires? If you are READY to get the support needed and necessary to get there…schedule a time to discuss. LIFE Life Breakthrough session.





Hardest Day of My Life

Life is not always easy.

Big shit really happens. Life changing.  Life altering stuff that looks like your worst nightmare.

In the same week I shared my LOVE story with you… I received really devastating heart wrenching news…frankly I am still in shock and not ready to write about it specifically.

The hardest thing I have ever had to face in my life so far. Continue reading

Feeling like the earth feel out from under my feet. Life I know it has forever changed.  Lots of fear and tears.

I am writing to AFFIRM this… What I treasure the MOST right now is the LOVE of my sweet Larry.

With Larry, I know we can get through anything.  He is my BIG Happy LOVE… this is the kind of LOVE that is soulful, committed, trusting, & passionate…

Love WHERE more is possible because we are together…

Within 24 hours we have connected even more deeply… I didn’t know it could get bigger or deeper…and it did.

But I know most of you don’t have YOUR special person in your life.  You are living life alone.

Or you continue to accept mediocre relationships that suck the life out of you.

No one to lean on when LIFE throws a curve ball.

No one to hold when you are feeling stuck.

No one to say ‘everything is going to be okay’.

I am not writing this as a scare tactic, I am writing this because it is here and REAL.. and what is ALIVE for me is the LOVE I have for Larry and how PRECIOUS this is.

I truly believe everyone deserves this & I know how you can get it.

If you have a LONGING in your heart for true love… it is part of your destiny & you can learn how to get there. No exceptions.

If it hasn’t happened for you.. SOMETHING is in the way and the exact reason I do this work…because we can’t see our own blocks.  I know this for sure.

The universe is showing me even more CLEARLY why my mission is to help single women find true soul mate love.  Loving partnership is everything.What I know for sure:

Having to plug through life alone IS HARDER.
Facing fear and challenges without SUPPORT is scary.
KNOWING you are with the one that has your back is PRICELESS.    

LESSON: LOVE is the only thing that matters.

Don’t settle for being alone, you can learn what it takes to receive this kind of LOVE.

Don’t let months or years go by… NOW is the time.

Right now my heart is inspired to offer MORE support to you…

I am opening up 10 spots on my calendar for complimentary one on one sessions if you are really READY to uncover what is blocking you and create the plan to find the love of your life.  Reply to request a time.  (If you are not willing to take responsibility for your love life…please don’t reply.)

Big Happy LOVE to you,


One of my private clients this week shared that she was in tears thinking about how grateful she was to call in her partner…

She said.  “You gave me the key that I needed to unlock the door to love, I didn’t think this was possible.  I thought I could be happier but I never imagined finding such a great man.”