Release FEAR: Kundalini Yoga Meditation for a CALM Heart

Release FEAR: Kundalini Yoga Meditation for a CALM Heart

If you are feeling a lot of fear in life, with the world or in relationships, try this meditation.

Comments about this meditation from Yogi Bhajan:
Emotionally this mediation adds clear perception to your relationships with yourself and others. If you are upset at work or in a personal relationship, sit in this mediation for 3-15 minutes before deciding how to act. Then act with your full heart. Physically, this meditation strengthens the lungs and heart.

6:11 | Meditiation Instruction

8:00 | Breath Work

9:58 | Meditation

5 Tips to MAKE your ONLINE dating PROFILE Enchanting

5 Tips to MAKE your ONLINE dating PROFILE Enchanting

Online dating is a GREAT way to connect with other singles, AND it can be frustrating if you are not attracting the guys you are excited about meeting. Watch this to get 5 tips on how to make finding love a reality using online dating tools like, or eHarmony or any of the other apps, sites that are designed to help you meet other singles.

1:38 | A good profile amplifies YOUR love attraction

4:41 | Your words should PAINT a picture of YOU and HOW you are in your life

5 Tips on How to STOP People PLEASING

5 Tips on How to STOP People PLEASING

People pleasing is keeping you from the hunkY loving man of your dreams. When you keep the habit of people pleasing you are ignoring yourself and denying yourself what you really want and grasping for approval from others, staying in fear of not being accepted. When you are people pleasing you true self is hidden, and your special person can’t even find you. Watch this so you can break this habit and free yourself from a lifetime of boring relationships.

1:22 | You cant make everyone happy

7:02 | You cant fail at being you – Trust Your Self

My Goddess Swears

I grew up as a tom boy. Never really thought about my ‘Goddess self’ much before this year when one of my mentors inspired me to consciously explore what it means to me.

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Claiming “GODDESS” sounded untouchable frankly.
This week I was in the Sacred land of Sedona working on my business, and I FOUND MY GODDESS.

I realize NOW that the Goddess is ALL of it—-> it is our unique LOVE Genius. It is the LOVE advantage. 

Because it is not just the beauty and the sweet treasures of who we are, it INCLUDES the crusty often rejected side.

We can’t come into a meaningful loving relationship if we are hiding from ourselves in any way.

If you want to attract someone who adores ALL of you, you must be able to recognize, accept and adore all of YOU first…

EVEN the parts that are HARD to love.

This week I spent in the sacred land of Sedona working on my business, and I FOUND MY own GODDESS.

I am celebrating ALL of me…

ALL my OWN extremes, polarities, weirdness…

My impatience and judgements,

My shame for being bitchy to Larry,

My success as a teacher and coach,

My LOVE for service and giving back,

My laziness,

My BIG exciting dreams,

my snarkiness, my ugly feet,

My crazy kitschy crafts, and my disco lunch lady style.

I AM the meditative yogi and I AM a lover of glittery eye shadow and tutus.

I like hot dogs AND I like Kombucha and Spirulina.

I CRAVE trashy Reality TV, and I CRAVE veraciously read inspirational books.

It feels so RIGHT to chant sacred mantra and it feels so RIGHT to drop an F-bomb for personal pleasure and emphasis.

I am EMBRACING it ALL in my f*cking goddess.









No Good Guys out there?

No Good Guys out there?

The final frontier is the BIGGEST of all.
The LOVE repellent of LACK and SCARCITY.
It is the hardest of them all, it is the syndrome of feeling NOT enough.

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Feeling like you are not good enough, skinny enough, young enough, or _____Fill in the blank____enough.
Or maybe you have felt like ALL the good ones are taken.
All men online are jerks or scammers.
Feeling like this…
Makes dating so AWFUL.
Makes it easy to want to wait until things are “better”.
When we are living with this LOVE repellent…it can impact all areas of our life. Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Happiness.
When we learn how to embrace our WHOLE selves.
Knowing we are enough.
Knowing your DIVINE partner is already out there.
SO much is possible!
The world shows up and supports YOU.
We open up to ABUNDANCE and can manifest great things in ALL areas of our life.

Love LIFE on HOLD?

Is your LOVE LIFE on HOLD?

Be careful what you ask for.
Your love life is your life.

And putting it on hold is just that. ON HOLD.

STOPPING the LOVE that wants to come to YOU.

How often do you HOLD OFF or deprive yourself of what you really want?

And where else do you tolerate stuff that sucks?

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Your love life is your life.

HOLDING denies pleasure.

HOLDING is NOT self love.


YOUR LOVE LIFE is about listening to your heart….Receiving support, staying open to possibility, doing personal development, cultivating confidence, releasing insecurity, getting clear on your vision, healing heart wounds and FALLING IN LOVE.

HOLD says…”Universe, I don’t trust you!”

Creating a HOLDING pattern is acting out of FEAR.

What do you really want?   If you WANT meaningful LOVE, give yourself permission to HAVE IT.

That is the LOVE advantage, that is a life in LOVE.

Your LOVE life is your life.

Be your own best friend. Show up for yourself.

You have the capacity to HAVE all that is inspired in YOU.

If you LONG to attract the one that adores everything about you.

There is NO other PERFECT magical time to LIVE your LIFE in LOVE.

If the inspiration is there, the time is now.

My teacher Yogi Bhajan said “When the phone rings, answer it”.

The universe is supporting you. The universe is ON TIME. The universe is working in YOUR favor.

When you interfere and create your own ideas about what you can miss out.

Your LOVE LIFE is your life.

When you feel the need to HOLD—-Ask what do I really need? And fulfill that.

No matter what is happening in your LIFE, KEEP your love life ON. It is a state of being.

Your LOVE LIFE is happening NOW. BE IN IT.

 If you feel like your LOVE life is on HOLD…THIS is a cry out for help. 

If LOVING partnership is what you really want, don’t let fear get in the way.

Reach out.I am taking applications for 2 spots in my private Love Advantage coaching program. 

This is an opportunity to stop sacrificing your hearts desires and get the exact steps you need to create the LOVE life of your dreams. —> Click here to schedule a time to discuss.

 (this session is no cost to you, please only reach out if you are serious about making a positive change in your life.)
Big Happy LOVE to you,




Anniversary Day: The Most Difficult Year So Far.

Today is a very special day. 4 years ago TODAY Larry and I were married in Harpswell Maine.

We had the best of everything & it was all DIY on the fly. I was the ultimate woodland fairy wedding…in the woods, view of the ocean bay, created by us, perfect for us and full of love.

We were completely PRESENT. Planning was nearly non-existent. Show up with a glue gun and let it unfold.

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I brought 5 vintage dresses & we played say YES to the DRESS in the living room one night (GIRLS ONLY).

My mom collected wildflowers and masterfully made a super magical flowery CROWN.

My dad created a natural wedding arch out of tree limbs and flowers.

I made an EXQUISITE pine cone boutonniere for Larry.

My niece made a lush ring pillow with a rock and moss.

My sister made a cake topper of Larry and I out of bark, flowers, and leaves that looked EXACTLY LIKE US.

We were married by the divine goddess, Kelley Raji Simpson.

It rained during our tiny little homemade ceremony. A sign of LUCK!

AND We were blessed with a double rainbow. Abundance! One for each of us, (who needs to share right out the wedding gate.)

On that super creative love filled day we both declared to always choose love.

And NOW we are in the hardest year we have had, the most difficult time I have lived so far.

My heart was crushed by the discovery of a cancerous tumor in Larry’s colon.

We made friends with the tumor and invited it to leave through the surgery door.

And the last months of recovery have been a roller coaster of fear & love, life & death, miracles & anticipated grief.

Healing has its own timeline. And that timeline is NOT mine.

Doubt and fear BREED in this kind of uncertainty.

My FAITH has been tested but is stronger because of it.

Our strength as a couple is fierce. WE LOVE each OTHER so much.

He is my DARLING little tea cup Jew with a closet full of disco outfits.

He is the dreamiest of men walking the planet.

He is hilarious. He is a natural healer. He is a Chihuahua whisperer. A creative genius with robins egg toenails that would make a drag queen squeal with envy.

We meditate, play, create, and grow together.

We have deep conversations about LIFE, spiritual growth and bowel movements.

We are LISTENING deeply to what this crisis is asking our souls to BECOME in this life.

More loving, more compassionate, more forgiving, more trusting, more patient, more communicative, more supportive.

I AM so thankful for all the prayers, healers, friends, teachers that continue to support us. Please don’t stop. It is needed and necessary. Hugs.

I know RECEIVING these gifts is part of what we are here to learn.

He is healing in every moment, every blink, every step, every breath.

TODAY, I am celebrating our LIFE together NOW.

I love YOU, Lovely Larry Laser beam. May WE play together for MANY years to come.



What if FALLING in LOVE was the MOST important thing you could do?

Warning…I am WOUND up and frustrated.

But hear me out, and please read until the end.

What if finding the LOVE of your LIFE was the key to world peace?

What if you staying SINGLE because you are heartbroken, feel STUCK in fear or don’t know what to do —is actually contributing to the global suffering?

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Check out this CRAZY mind blowing study called the 100th Monkey,

Scientists observed a group of Monkeys living on an island.

They were not eating sweet potatoes washed up on the shore…

Because they were covered in sand.

One day ONE monkey took a potato and washed it off in clean water then gobbled it up.

Clearly SHE enjoyed every bite.

The younger monkeys saw and followed suit.

This meant, lots of happy, nourished monkeys swinging all over the island. Weee!

The MAGIC of this story is that…

There was a paradigm shift with these monkeys that vibrated to other monkeys on far reaching islands…

AND all of a sudden, all ISLAND monkeys started eating the washed up potatoes too.

Point is, we are all connected. 

And this proves our LOVE vibe is powerful and can reach across lands!   

So if you CHOOSE to stay miserable and suffer in love, it NOT only sucks…

YOU are depriving yourself the most sacred thing—intimate, soulful connection

and ADDING to the pain on the planet.
FOR me this was a wake up call, to recognize that I wasn’t doing ANYONE any favors by holding on to my drama.


Because not only does it FEEL better to BE in my bliss but I KNOW it serves the global LOVE consciousness. 

I get really ANNOYED when I see smart women believing that it is OKAY to stay dissatisfied in their love life. 

It is NOT okay.    

It is a decision.

You don’t have to CHOOSE misery, loneliness, fear or mediocre love.

Even if you don’t believe it right now—You are worthy of love & you DO deserve it.

When I woke up to this new LOVE paradigm,

I was PISSED that I wasted so much time BATTLING with my own heart,

feeling unlovable, and feeling like self love is selfish.

Not listening,

addicted to fear, and ignoring my real needs for a meaningful relationship.

And now helping women break this cycle of despair and find soulful partnership is my mission in life.

I have the solution.

I developed The LOVE Advantage Private coaching program—>

A proven practice for smart single women to…

—Get the personal development that will move you OUT of FEAR.

—-Heal your old heart wounds and insecurities.

—Feel like you are LOVABLE in your unique, awesome weirdness.

—Stop feeling like you don’t belong.

—-Free you from the isolation, suffocation, of feeling alone.

—Stop feeling like you are wasting time with the wrong people.

So that you can attract meaningful, LOVING, passionate companionship, live in your purpose, elevate ALL areas of life, and contribute to the global love consciousness.   

This is NOT a frivolous LUXURY—- like a designer purse.

This is not something to leave to luck.

Or to hold off until… the kids are grown, get a new job, have more money.

The time is now…to do this for you.

Love is all that matters.

What are you willing to do? Are you ready to OWN your love life, experience massive PASSION in your life and create a ripple effect of HEALING on the planet?

I have just 3 openings to take on Private clients in my VIP Love Advantage program right now.

If you are serious about taking this next step I have the solution for you. Click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Big Happy LOVE to you,

P.S. Doing what it takes to fulfill your desire to have a sacred loving person as your soulful companion is the MOST important thing you can do for yourself and the world.
Click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Learning to TRUST yourself.

Learning to TRUST yourself.

Perhaps you MARRIED a dud once, or twice, or you found yourself heartbroken again.
You wonder, What is wrong with me, how did I pick this?   And now it is hard to TRUST yourself.  Watch this.

Lvtv_trust title
Or you just don’t know what to do.

You want to ask for outside support, google, facebook, seeking the answers & validation.

When you don’t trust yourself…

It’s challenging to know what to do.

A lack of confidence.

A feeling of unworthiness.

When you learn to TRUST yourself.  Watch this.

There is FREEDOM.

You feel guided and supported.

Your HEART and SOUL is clear.

You know what to do!

Trust in YOURSELF, is one way to IGNITE your love vibe.

Making you magnetic to love.

Then love is possible. Learn to Trust Yourself now.