Eight years okay this week I was only 4 days away from the message that changed my life forever.

It’s amazing to think that ONE moment, ONE person, ONE “click to open” was the beginning of my love story.

Since it’s changed everything in my life for the better. My job. My home. My town. My health. My awareness.

Before I share the first emails, and deconstruct my courtship with Larry—and reveal real dating tips and strategies…. You need to know what was happening RIGHT BEFORE “the moment”. I will call this time B.L.B. (Before Laser Beam)

Let me paint the picture.

Days before my first message from Larry on April 20. Macy is on Match dot com at this point since the beginning of the year. It’s 2011.

Quick rewind back to New Year’s Eve 2011. I declared my word for the year to be LOVE, and got crystal clear on my vision, creating a vision board while chanting mantras, drinking chai, sitting in front of the fires and crafting the night away with my dear friend & yogi Laura aka Venus. 4 days before “the moment”.

Here’s what Dating looked like for me:

?Dating Tools implemented: Match (had been using others and then just wanted to use one, not a thing, just a preference for match)

 Dating Frequency: Meeting at least 1 person a week for a coffee date (during the work day, keeping it no more than an hour).

Dating Vibe: Feeling good, in flow & playful!

 My Search Criteria: Woman seeking Man – 35-55, (I was 42), Denver/Boulder Area, no kids/don’t want kids/have kids but don’t want kids. Nonsmoker, Nondrinker, Spiritual, Professional, BA or above

? Number of Candidates in Queue: 2 qualified for 2nd dates. Several others in the just emailing stage.

? If you are wondering how I picked who to write and who to go out with…in the next few posts I will share HOW TO PICK along with my secret weapon 5-star dating system to stop wasting time on the wrong ones.


He was also only on Match.

Feeling dating fatigue and ABOUT to CANCEL HIS MATCH plan.

No others in the dating pool.


Looking back at this from a Love Coaching perspective, Here are key dating tips I want to highlight:

1. I was clear on my vision and took the time to know my values in order to navigate the modern dating world. Notice my typical search criteria was specific, it meant that I didn’t have a lot of people coming up in my searches and that’s OKAY! You get to tweak it whenever you want and just see who you find.

2. I made finding love IMPORTANT, made it a priority, gave it time, hired a coach, and brought my focus to it like I did buying a house or finding a new job.

3. For a first date, I liked to just do a simple coffee date that was during my work day so I had to limit the time. As an empath/HSP, it felt like a good energy saver/protector for me and it worked really well.

4. Dating fatigue can happen, and it will take you out of the game. (Larry was just about to cancel his plan and he did one last search and I popped up.)

5. IT ONLY TAKES ONE MOMENT that starts the whole love story. just one.

Stay tuned for the next installment on the LoveMuffin Love Story: Uncut Version