I am NOT trying to rub it in. But be honest, do you want to go another year staying single?
“Doing” life alone is tiring, lonely and emotionally taxing.
And falling into the wrong relationship is WORSE than BEING alone.
I don’t WANT either of those for you. YOU deserve way better.
This week for LOVE VIBE TV I created a specific video training to help you FIND real meaningful LOVE THIS YEAR so you can GET started RIGHT now.


We are entering a powerful time of year for setting intentions & making CHANGE in your life (BUT you MUST know EXACTLY how to do it—You can’t just wish for love and go, THAT won’t work).
I AM DETERMINED and fired up to SUPPORT you in bigger ways right now… over the holidays, through the new year and all the way until Valentines day. The magic window for LOVE manifestation.
Frankly though… this is a deeply EMOTIONAL time of year for singles—->
I know you might feel lonely during this time.
I know you might get depressed.
I know you might feel left out.
I know you might feel like goals weren’t met from last year…
And I have felt all of that too.
Please know that I am prepared and READY to support you EXTRA BIG right now.
Don’t skip this training video.

This is designed specifically to START the MOMENTUM for healing and opening up to LOVE in 2017. (no sales pitch just teaching)

NOTE—This is not a 3 minute blip. Not a quickie, watch on the fly video…

It is an 18 minute training…

Don’t skip this because it is too long. Or you don’t have time. Or you will do it later.

NO, no, no, NO, NO!

ALL those lame-o excuses and ARE EXACTLY what continues to keep you from making the critical shifts needed and necessary to find love.

Seriously, make a choice right now to SHOW up for LOVE and engage fully & completely in this video —–Like you would if you were on a date with a smoking hot guy—make eye contact, listen, put away distractions and gaze into my big brown eyes. Just don’t undress me with your eyes…that is creepy.

Watch the whole thing.

Listen sister! —Your future partner is COUNTING on you to do the personal development it takes so that HE can find you. If it takes watching a 18 minute video—isn’t that worth it? YES.
In this video, I am giving you MY FAVORITE LOVE Attraction tip.

This technique I usually just save for my elite private clients but I am giving it to everyone right now.

In a couple days you will get the next video that will share the next IMPORTANT tip on what you can do to create love in 2017. ?


P.S. Imagine next year at this time being massively in love…listen to this story… I started working with a client last Feb who said her DREAM was to have her sweetie by her side at her annual Holiday party….Last night that dream came true. Her darling guy, was her loving date for this special moment…showing him off to her friends, hosting this amazing party together. YES!!!!! CUTEST EVER. She is totally adored. Awesome right? This could be YOU. Get started now by watching this video. Watch now.

ALERT: If you are struggling right now, feeling sad, stuck, lonely or just crappy. The most important thing you can do is reach out for support—if you are hurting don’t suffer in silence reply to this email to find out how to receive love, support and connection right now.

3:20 | What is the BE ADORED relationship?

9:30 | Your past experiences DO NOT have to be your future

9:47 | Mental Exercise

15:24 | I’ve got this covered