Do you secretly think you are too weird for love?

I am the odd ball. The weirdo. The freak in most circles. And you don’t even have to be a crazy eccentric to feel left out! Can you relate?

  • My grad degree is weird (A master’s in puppetry).
  • My home decor is really weird (paint by number kittens & a crocheted ham sandwich)
  • My yoga practice is weird (kundalini/kinda-looney yoga),
  • My paintings are weird (I did a whole art show of acrylic jello salads & a self portrait of me doing a funny face)
  • My silverware is weird (I don’t like any to match)
  • My fashion taste is weird (disco librarian chic casual)
  • My pets are weird (The cable man told me that)…

Clearly, I was too weird for love.

Until I was 40, I was convinced that finding a partner who would “GET” me would be impossible. In an effort to find a good husband, I hid my quirks and pretended to be normal.

I dated lots of normal men. Kind. Successful. Loving. Khaki wearing. None of them were my guy. I discovered that pretending to be “normal’ meant feeling more LONELY in a relationship than when I was single.

Maybe you remember this poem by Shel Silverstein about masks:

This was a wake up call. I thought, either I am going to quit on love and adopt 15 chihuahuas or finally figure It out.

So I committed to making finding love a priority.

I took the steps to do the personal development I needed to have the courage to embrace, accept, and REVEAL the full freaky, weird loving me. If I can’t accept the real me, then how can I expect anyone else to?

I accessed my own unique LOVE advantage…(free from yucky dating tricks or slimy moves.)

Once I did that, it happened. I found my super creative, loving Laser beam Larry. He paints his toe nails baby blue & makes art out of toy army men.

I finally met my perfectly weird, wonderful, big, happy love and I can help you find yours, too.

Because if we’re not going to be vulnerable and put our real selves out there…what’s the point? 

No matter what you think is IMPOSSIBLE in your love life… you are equipped with your own unique secret sauce to attract the RIGHT person for you.

I will be offering a new class, Find Your Unicorn and Fall in Love, for the creative, smart single women who hate stupid dating rules & want an innovative, smart plan that works.

This is for you if…

  • You have succeeded in most areas of your life and haven’t had much luck in love.
  • You haven’t attracted people you like or you haven’t dated in a long time.
  • You long to feel totally understood just as you are.
  • You KNOW you’re not the average, ‘normal’ mainstream woman, even if you play one in your cubicle.
  • You feel different and struggle believing there is a match for you.
  • You have felt like you have to hide parts of you to be loved.
  • You fear that who you are is too much & will scare ’em away.
  • You are convinced that most people won’t understand you fully.

This class offers a playful way to:

  • Access your unique LOVE advantage
  • Believe that love is possible for you
  • Have fun dating in a way that feels good to you, and
  • Meet people who GET YOU

So you can find your great guy.

No hiding. No masks. Let’s find your blue together.

Join me on May 13th at 10 AM MST for the Find Your Unicorn and Fall in Love webinar. There are limited spots and no replay, so mark your calendar and sign up now!