Waiting for an ImMANculate conception?

What’s your feeling about online dating?
Most people I talk to say, “Yuck.” They don’t like it.

Gotta be honest:  If you don’t like it, and want to meet more awesome singles.  It is a huge loss NOT using an online tool.

But don’t freak out yet…

I want to give you some tips…so you can see online dating in a new way.  (btw, I don’t work for online dating sites…I am just giving you what I know works.)  

Thing is —> 40% of Americans know someone who has met a significant other online.

That is a lot!

Here’s the reality. Simple math.

If you want a great guy, it requires meeting single people.

If you aren’t meeting single people, you aren’t going to find a great guy.

Unless you are going for the imMANculate conception. <snorty laugh, cracking myself up.>

Now that is a funny thing to imagine–unless you are visualizing actual birthing and stuff.

Don’t do that. I did for a second–yikes.

Had to stop writing and chug a kombucha to take the edge off.

So quirky fantasy is not helpful to your love success.

Online dating is ONE of the ways we can connect with other singles.

Notice I said ONE.

Because, truth is it is not the only thing you can do…there are actually infinite schemes.

You can still look cute at the roller rink and wait for a prince to show up.

You can still hope Great Aunt Judy sends a good one your way.

You can hope that the FED EX woman quits and is backfilled with the man of your dreams.

I will not take these options away from you.

But having a diverse dating strategy is a smart plan.

And since 95% of my clients have met their sweeties online…

I highly recommend getting “good” at online dating. Which includes:

  1. Cleaning up & healing from the past, and creating love attracting habits and beliefs.
  2. Getting clear on the right guy for you & having the confidence so you can receive it.
  3. Composing a smart, magnetic, values aligned profile.
  4. Curating quality pics specifically taken for your profile.
  5. Cultivating skilled & savvy dating site mindset, navigation and communication.

All are essential for success—this will lead you to great guys and awesome dates.

And as a bonus, it will help set you up for success in ALL your other dating strategies.

If you aren’t attracting great guys and having fun dates—Girl, we have to talk!

Reply to this with ‘dating 911’, so we can set up a time to chat.

So here’s ONE juicy, simple, Love Vibe tip for today…

try it and share how things changed for you.

Watch my new Love Vibe TV sharing  the #1 KEY to making online dating WORK for you.



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