Attract the one

Who loves you, as you are, right now.

I thought I was too weird for love. I felt like I wasn’t enough (not pretty enough, not sexy enough, not lovable enough), and at the same time I thought I was too much (too weird, too intense).

So in dating I dumbed myself down thinking this would keep them from running away. It didn’t work.

The truth was I wasn’t being “weird” enough! Once I learned what it truly meant to live 100% concentrated as ME….everything changed and I met the love of my life.”

Free Guide! Wake Up and Smell the Loser

How to Stop Attracting Jerks & Attract the One Who Adores You As you Are Right Now.

Here’s what you get!

  • Get the REAL truth on what it takes to ATTRACT the one who adores you.
  • The two ways of dating-–one works, one doesn’t.
  • The blocks that keep us from REAL committed, lasting love.
  • How to live your LIFE in love—with out fearing rejection, or worrying about what other people think
  • The 5 commitments you must make with yourself that will lead you to the one.

The ONLY way to find meaningful love is to release the blocks, fears and insecurities that KEEP YOU from it.

Are ANY of these true for YOU?

  • you’re ready to learn to ditch your limiting stories, drop the mean voices and get out of your own way.
  • you’re aware that your emotions around relationship stuff are all over the place and it’s exhausting
  • you want to cultivate the courage to be vulnerable in love.
  • you want to feel confident to just be 100% concentrated you.
  • you are ready for a new kind of love —even though right now it feels scary and hard to believe
  • the modern dating world scares the bah-jeeebies out of you or leaves you feeling insecure and wanting to throw in the towe-jeebies
  • you believe something bigger than you is supporting you right now. (In fact! What if your spirit guides brought you to this page because this is your solution?)

Let me set the record straight…

It’s NOT your fault.

We don’t learn how to have healthy love in school…

And no matter what you think, you can have this.

There’s NOTHING wrong with you.

If you want love, I can show you exactly what it takes to attract and create healthy happy love.

Play with me sister! Imagine if..

  • You felt COMPLETELY understood and adored for who you are.
  • You could just be you and didn’t feel like you had to hide.
  • You had someone to share the simple things in life.
  • You had someone to laugh with and debrief your day.
  • You were with a special person who even in the quiet moments you felt the connection.
  • You were with someone who challenged & inspired you to be your best.
  • You were with your BEST FRIEND and lover.
  • You felt confident in your body and the way you look.
  • You had a partner to plan adventures and TRAVEL together.
  • You felt ADORED, SAFE, supported, appreciated and understood.

Our Success in LIFE is based on the quality of our relationships & our emotional well being. When you know how to do this, anything is possible.

Big Happy Success Stories!

Big Happy Success Stories!

You are outstanding in value!

You are outstanding in value! Your work is part of what got me dating wonderful men!! Watching your videos revived me, restored me, rocked my introvert self out into the wild wide world of dating & love creating.

We are Getting Married!!!

I just wanted to say thank you… You were the one who helped me recover from all the disappointment in my love life and encouraged me to go online and look for love. One year since meeting the best man in the world, We are getting married!!! …

Macy touched my soul in away I cannot describe

Macy touched my soul in away I cannot describe. For the first time I felt like real progress was made on my journey towards real love. Now that I am settled in ME, the possibilities are endless.

I met the love of my life after working with Macy.

I met the love of my life after working with Macy. Without support, I would have been too scared to jump in and see what happened. What happened was I brought my authentic self forward and fell in love. We are now engaged and are moving in tog…

Macy was a gentle guide that helped me unlock that door

Before meeting Macy, I felt like I was fumbling around in the dark trying to open some lock to my heart. Macy was a gentle guide that helped me unlock that door and like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I stepped into a technicolor version of my…

Macy gave me the steps I needed

I knew I needed to love myself more but I had no idea what that meant. Macy gave me the steps I needed and shared exactly what I needed to do. I feel so light and free!

I can show you exactly what it takes to have happy healthy love

Think about this… if you are still alone a year from now? Will you be okay with that? Loving partnership is the most sacred thing we can have as a human on this planet. And if your love life has been frustrating, honestly, it is not your fault. We are taught how to create happy healthy relationships growing up. In fact we are bombarded with all sorts of messages that reinforce feelings of “not good enough” or thinking that there is something wrong with us. And truth be told, there is nothing wrong with you. I have made it my mission to help women return to the LOVE and worthiness that is already there, so you can create the relationship that is in your heart. So if you want to share your life with a loving partner, let’s chat. Click the link to access a form that will help me get to know better, and then we will set up a time to discuss how love coaching can accelerate your path to love.

Creation is ready to serve you if you JUST BE YOU” – Yogi Bhajan