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Attract the one who loves you, as you are, right now.




Here’s what you get!

  • Get the REAL truth on what it takes to ATTRACT the one who adores you.
  • The two ways of dating-one works, one doesn’t.
  • The blocks that keep us from REAL committed, lasting love.
  • How to live your LIFE in love—with out fearing rejection, or worrying about what other people think
  • The 5 commitments you must make with yourself that will lead you to the one.

You are awesome.  Know that happiness is YOUR birthright, you deserve this and I am excited to share this with YOU!

Is this you?

• You know you’re a catch and have success in most areas of your life—and are feeling that finding LOVE is the missing piece.

• Sometimes you’re afraid you are “too much” & will intimidate or scare men away

• Sometimes you’re afraid you are not enough, not skinny enough, young enough….<fill in the blank> enough.

• You have felt like an outsider in many circles because you are smart and creative, not everyone “gets you”, so it is hard to believe that there is someone for you.

• You don’t want to LOSE any more time to the “wrong” relationships.

• You see that who you are attracting is NOT matching what you want in life (unavailable men, men who can’t commit, men who are emotionally stuck.).

• You are a spiritually conscious woman who values personal development and dedicate resources to being the BEST you.

You’re an action taker and are open to EXPERIENCING new strategies for love.

You came into the world worthy of love, now it is time to learn to believe it.

No more dating advice about how you “Get HIM”. This is about attracting the one who “Gets YOU” right now…without thinking you have to change who you are.

Play with me!  Imagine If:

  • You felt COMPLETELY understood and adored for who you are.
  • You could just be you and didn’t feel like you had to hide.
  • You had someone to share the simple things in life.
  • You had someone to laugh with and debrief your day.
  • You were with a special person who even in the quiet moments you felt the connection.
  • You were with someone who challenged & inspired you to be your best.
  • You were with your BEST FRIEND and lover.
  • You felt confident in your body and the way you look.
  • You had a partner to plan adventures and TRAVEL together.
  • You felt ADORED, SAFE, supported, appreciated and understood.

No matter what you think right now, Love is possible for you.

Big Happy Success Stories!

I can show you exactly what it takes to find the one for you.


Think about this… if you are still alone a year from now?  Will you be okay with that?    Loving partnership is the most sacred thing we can have as a human on this planet. And if your love life has been frustrating, honestly, it is not your fault.  We are taught how to create happy healthy relationships growing up.  In fact we are bombarded with all sorts of messages that reinforce feelings of “not good enough” or thinking that there is something wrong with us.  And truth be told, there is nothing wrong with you.  I have made it my mission to help women return to the LOVE and worthiness that is already there, so you can create the relationship that is in your heart.  So if you want to share your life with a loving partner, let’s chat.  Click the link to access a form that will help me get to know better, and then we will set up a time to discuss how love coaching can accelerate your path to love.

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