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Do Any of these feel like you?

  • You  have spent years focusing on your career,  now you find yourself successful but alone.
  • You don’t attract people you like or you haven’t dated in a long time.
  • You long to feel totally adored & understood just as you are.
  • You hate online dating because it is exhausting and never works.
  • You KNOW your not the average, ‘normal’ mainstream woman, even if you play one in your cubicle.
  • You feel different and feel like what you want in a partner might not exist.
  • You have felt like you have to hide parts of you to be loved.
  • You fear that who you are is too much & will scare ’em away.

You came into the world worthy of love, now it is time to learn to believe it.

The Love Advantage is about unraveling yourself from all the insecurities, fears and beliefs that keep you from YOU.

Imagine If:

  • You felt COMPLETELY understood and adored for who you are.
  • You could just be you without feeling like you are “too much”.
  • You had someone to share the simple things in life.
  • You had someone to laugh with and debrief your day.
  • You were with a special person who even in the quiet moments you felt the connection.
  • You were with someone who challenged & inspired you to be your best.
  • You were with your BEST FRIEND and lover.
  • You felt confident in your body and the way you look.
  • You had a partner to take adventures and TRAVEL with.
  • You felt ADORED, SAFE, supported, heard and understood.

I like to call this ``Unicorn Love`` because it is the kind of love you never thought could exist.

What if you had SUPPORT & next steps right NOW?

Think about this… if you are still feeling lonely a year from now?  Will you be okay with that?    Loving partnership is the most sacred thing we can have as a human on this planet. If you don’t have it, It is worth doing something about it.  I have helped 100’s of women create a new LOVE paradigm which allowed true love to show up! If you want to find out how love coaching can accelerate your path to love, let’s chat. Please fill out this brief form so I can get to know you better and then we can set up a time to talk to see if this is a fit.

FIND your UNICORN FaceBook Group! Come hang out in the unicorn pasture with other like minded single women and get tips and virtual glitter to finally fall in love.


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